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ABOUT: The activities of persons and circles that have a destructive impact on the functioning of ministries and structures of public administration 

Entering the SANS data indicate the existence of a parallel force of state power structure that has strong potential, resources and positions of influence over the executive and legislative powers, political and public life in the country. This structure aims at the creation of sustainable forms of power in a parallel state institutions and services, operation of which should be guaranteed regardless of changes in the ruling majority in parliament and government. There are definite indications that business representatives, governmental institutions, media and organized criminal groups, in certain cases take synchronized actions to achieve common interests. 
There are serious reasons to claim that a number of scandals in the public domain in recent months, including that of members’ prints are pre-designed, prepared and inspired with the ultimate goal of SANS control by induction of personnel and structural changes in the agency. Available data indicate that in parallel with this process is preparing the appointment of key positions in the agency of persons linked with and dependent mentioned above structures. Since the creation of SANS to date are planned and conducted three such large-scale operations and a few incidental as can certainly be argued that persons involved in them are the same or interlinked. 

The first attempt, after the creation of SANS to compromise managerial employees in the agency, including the initiation of their shift starts in a row immediately before it is reviewed by expert representatives of the mission in the mechanism for cooperation and evaluation of the European Commission. Perhaps it has not been chosen randomly. 

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On 30.05.2008, the publication of the newspaper "Trud" Stefan Gamizov businessman alleged that one of the deputies of Petko Sertov is connected organized crime. Operational data, then off to the microphone, tone informs the journalist took an informal interview, given that Ivan Drashkov. On the same date in the transmission of bTV "This morning" Gamizov argues that there is pressure from Europe for the operation "clean hands" after declaring that figure by senior management of SANS is a mafia mole. In his statement he supports the idea of setting up the agency and shares the view that it should be given time to work well. 

Speeches in front of Gamizov newspaper Trud .. are commenting on the same day in a conversation between President Petko Sertov and his deputy, Ivan Drashkov. Sertov expressed the opinion that this is an attack against Drashkov although in the interview is not its name. Say several times before he had met with the building Gamizov MS as it assessed as an intelligent, highly informed and very erudite man. As a reason for ongoing contact between them is emphasized Sertov demonstrated awareness of Stephen Gamizov for details of the life of Sertov not are known even to his closest people. additional reason for the President to maintain good relations with Gamizov is that it is unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Sertov This view is based on psychological and psychiatric expertise of Gamizov (it is not known who author), which appears as a conclusion that assessment. As the President has provided proof copy of this assessment. 

Consequently, despite the insistence by Ivan Drashkov, Petko Sertov refusing to take a public position on the case as justifying its actions with the desire of the Prime Minister. 

Several days after publication in the presence of Vice-President Ivan Drashkov and Directors Tsvetlin Yovchev and Veselin Markov Sertov said he had spoken with him last Gamizov and is shared, that he made these statements at the suggestion and insistence from abroad without specify any details. During this conversation Petko Sertov ordered to begin checking Gamizov in order to clarify who is behind it. 

Proceeding from the above should be addressed to the following: 

– Gamizov has information about the details of the life of the President, which are very personal and are known to a limited circle of people, Petko Sertov definitely concerned by this fact; 

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– Sertov consult with a circle of outside experts, including experts in psychology and psychiatry, to form a position to Gamizov; 

– Is unlikely in the meetings between the two Gamizov is not shared in advance that there is "incriminating" information about Ivan Drashkov and has not sought the assistance of Sertov before his statement to the media. 

A few days later – between 3 – 5 June, is held an annual conference of the European Center for Studies in Security George C. Marshall, involving Vice-President Internal Security and Public Order Tatyana Doncheva and the Director of the Directorate General Counterintelligence Tsvetlin Yovchev. Vice-President of the SANS Ivan Drashkov also had to attend the event, but at the last minute due to official participation commitment is deferred. On 04.06.2008, during an informal dinner for participants of the Bulgarian side, MP Tatyana Doncheva said that SANS will soon have a new boss who is a better administrator by Petko Sertov. The next day, in conversation with Jovtchev, MP for more than an hour trying to strongly imply that the statements of businessman Stephen Gamizov are part of a serious attack against the Vice-President of the SANS Ivan Drashkov, behind which stands the President of the Agency Petko Sertov and whose ultimate goal is eliminate it. According Doncheva reason for the attack is Sertov belief that he can not control the agency while Drashkov in SANS. She expressed the opinion that Drashkov should not leave things and must respond to the impact. During the meeting, said that it was part of a team that is the basis for the removal of Interior Minister Rumen Petkov, stating that MPs Ivan Kostov and Atanas Atanasov have been successfully manipulated to work for the interests of this team in this case. Furthermore Doncheva assess Ivan Drashkov, which express an opinion on the way of thinking, analysis and action. 

On 09.06.2008, after the weekly meeting of the working direction of SANS and Directors, the information is reported both Petko Sertov chairman and deputy chairman Ivan Drashkov. Sertov confirmed that a number of directions is trying to persuade the Prime Minister that while the agency is Drashkov, President of SANS would not be able to have complete control. 

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Two days later, MP Tatyana Doncheva conducted a similar talk on the phone with Veselin Markov, who is also reported to the President of the SANS. 

From the above analysis can highlight several very disturbing circumstances: 

– A group of persons secretly and purposefully work towards induction of personnel changes in ministries and structures of public administration; 

– Doncheva not only agrees, but actively suggests that should be taken retaliatory action against Petko Sertov, the end result of which will likely be a sharp conflict in the management of SANS; 

– In conversation, it provides an assessment of Ivan Drashkov, which contains a psychological portrait, which shows that someone somewhere collects, analyzes and summarizes information on the management of SANS; 

– The Prime Minister are exposed allegations similar to those of Tatyana Doncheva, the presence of compelling controversy and opposition in direction of the agency, which indicates that the initiators of the conflict have access to the Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev. 

– The actions of Doncheva partly coincide in time and direction with those of Stephen Gamizov. This may mean that the two act as joint and synchronized so well that there is a coincidence of interests of two different groups at the time. 

On 18.07.2008 was held a working meeting with the President of the SANS Petko Sertov. Discussed are the results of initial inspection by businessman Stefan Gamizov in which the President reported that the person works in close cooperation and protect the interests of the businessman Hristo Kovachki. Indicated evidence of links with murdered Gamizov Borislav Georgiev, and data links Kovachki Georgiev and the structure of the Serbian organized crime. As a result, calls the President of SANS Petko Sertov ordered to open case of an operating report by Stefan Gamizov but to 29.07.2008Y. personally sign the request for the application of SRS in the facility. 

As a result of activities conducted at the beginning of October 2008 established the following: 

Stefan Gamizov have relationships with persons associated with the activities of organized criminal groups. 

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Gamizov is defined as the owner of a consulting company that offers services to prevent the possibility of bad business practices: corruption, distortion of free internal competition, to ensure the protection of corporate and criminal groups to pressure for the acquisition of regulated facilities. In the beginning (1997-1998) he enjoyed protections of Stefan Sofiyanski, Lyubomir Pavlov (Lubo buds). Dimitar Ivanov (former Chairman of the Energy Committee of the National Assembly 1997-2001) and Mr. Dyulgerov, which has a kinship relationship. These individuals provide contacts with Gamizov consortium Mitsui-Toshiba. 

Available data indicate that Gamizov not have the appropriate personnel and financial resources for advice on energy and practical work for the interests of the businessman Hristo Kovachki. In this regard, as a subcontractor of his company is a legal entity controlled by Hristo Kovachki. The company "G Engineering Ltd., owned by Gamizov have advisory contract with Mitsui for the construction of Flue Gas Desulphurization plant in the Maritsa East 2. From the analysis of records of sale of the Bulgarian Society for 2006 and 2007 has found that a significant part of the activities are directed to "Atomenergoremont EAD associated with Kovachki. 

It is, except that Stefan Gamizov with Hristo Kovachki maintains permanent contacts with persons of his circle. Operational data travels of the murdered Gamizov Borislav Georgiev in respect of protecting the interests of Christo Kovchaki in Serbia and Macedonia. In carrying out its investment in Serbia, Kovachki receive full cooperation from the Serbian government authorities through the criminal structures linked to organized crime leader Sreten Yosich – leader of organized criminal structures of the Zemun clan in the past connected with Serbian special services. Information on the relationship between Sreten Yosich and Hristo Kovachki confirmed in a letter ent. № 599/08.04.2008 by Serbian Office for Combating Organized Crime. In the information received indicated that behind the privatization of economic projects in Serbia stands Sreten Yosich and Hristo Kovachki is his stooge. 

Analysis of the present information indicates that there is a connection between the Bulgarian people, owners of energy companies and Serbian and Russian structures related to international organized crime. Their use of such schemes operate officially launched the idea of entering the capital from the U.S. and EU Member States and 

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using the orientation of the Bulgarian state policy towards those countries, but actually as subcontractors include entities associated with transnational organized crime. Significant proportion of contacts abroad Stefan Gamizov, in recent years has repeatedly traveled to the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, are used for lobbying in favor of Kovachki. 

Stefan Gamizov inclusion in the draft "Mitsui" became reality after the active assistance of Ivanov Kostadin Sirleshtov, former Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Energy and Energy Resources and former Chief of Cabinet of Minister of Defense. As Head of the Minister of Energy and Energy Resources Sirleshtov actively support the integration of Gamizov project of Mitsui. Sirleshtov subsequently be transferred to work in a law firm "Georgiev, Todorov & Co. after the successful conclusion of the contract between the MoD and the Israeli company Elbit Systems, has been appointed as the ministry. For Gamizov Sirleshtov and is known to be lobbying in favor of the Japanese company Mitsui. Working Group on the draft dealing with the clarification of technical facilities is guided by Kostadin Sirleshtov. Subsequently Gamizov through his company, "EU G Engineering Ltd.. became chief advisor and fiduciary entity of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. ‘ "in the implementation of the project for rehabilitation of units 1-4. SOI building blocks 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and modernization of units 5 and 6 at Maritsa East 2 EAD. At a later stage is employed for Sirleshtov lawyer consortium Mitsui-Toshiba. For those persons and the problems associated with rehabilitation and construction of units 1-4 of the SOI and modernization of units 5 and 6 in the Central Maritsa East 2 TPP. Information is sent to SCP Reg № 1906/26.09.2008 on P has been shown Sirleshtov Gamizov and work actively for the inclusion in the draft TPP Maritsa Iztok 4 "for research, design and building block VII and VIII of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant under the "new energy strategy of the country" with which both are familiar with. 

Gamizov media appearances of the socio-political life in the country are determined based on the activities of its Foundation Referendum BG "which he defined as" developing activities related to the protection of constitutional rights of citizens with a focus on anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism . Operational data Hristo Kovachki media appearances and fund PR campaign Stefan Gamizov, which was confirmed in the operation of the RCC. 

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To realize their interests Gamizov used as contacts abroad and those in the country. Tests were detected Gamizov to exert influence on decision-making Council of Ministers concerning related projects. 

Stefan Gamizov together with advisers of Prime Minister Tsenka Atanasova, Dragomir Stoinev, Rosen Karadimov, and President of SANS Petko Sertov employee of MS and Irena Borisova, work to implement the project (likely for consulting services) with the Washington company GRD S, which directly concerns the activities of the agency. In implementing the project leader and leadership have Stephen I "amizov and his business partner Kostadin Sirleshtov. During the talks, and they shall require the prime minister’s advisors to take certain actions, including to influence opinion and behavior of the Prime Minister. 

It was found that Gamizov had pressure on advisers and Petko Sertov, a proposal concerning "GRD EU. be tabled at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on 31.07.2008 In the period of holding two meetings of the Council of Ministers (31 July and 7 August), he actively contact with counselors Tsenka Atanasova, Dragomir Stoinev and Rosen Karadimov, including making indirect threats to them.

According to data from the RCC is important for Gamizov proposal to be submitted on 31.07.2008. because it is committed to their American counterparts. To obtain preliminary information on the agenda of the Ministerial Council, he held a conversation (on 30.07.2008 at 22:29 h) with Tsenka Vassileva Atanasova. As Atanasova is familiar with the project until a few days ago by Petko Sertov (27.07.2008 on) a commitment to examine the details as to meet him. Immediately after this call (at 22:34 h) Gamizov associated with the same subject Stoinev Dragomir, from whom he receives assurances that "there is a big chance, as would be entered at the last moment, although not provided for review. Stoinev says that by Petko (Sertov) understood that "eventually this would have weeks to come." 

On 31.07.2008 at 15:19 h Gamizov Stoinev speaks to that "nothing happened". Stoinev it assures that it will happen, but refused to comment, noting that the next meeting is August 24. Gamizov strongly suspect that by then everything will be irretrievably lost, stressing "Petko slammed" ‘(P. Sertov). that "the boss, you fail Petko" and is "very sad because I know just what will happen next week."

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Gamizov immediately phoned Tsenka Atanasova (31.07.2008 15:22 h) and it complained that "have totally failed, as far as the next meeting is on August 24. Atanasova undertake to verify. On 31.07.2008 at 15:25 h Gamizov ring wizard in MS Rosen Karadimov and shares that "this thing for Petko (P. Sertov) is not passed through MS. Rosen expressed puzzlement about what he’s saying because he is not Petko said. Karadimov knows Gamizov had to meet with Petko (P. Sertov) two weeks ago. Gamizov explains that "stuff went, but despite the deal" now understands that no solution of MS. and he had "to go immediately with a ready solution for use abroad (USA). Gamizov stresses "that it will lead to great disappointment" (these projects GRD Es Gamizov and travel to the U.S.). Karadimov stresses did not know any company – no options, nothing has told me (П.С.). 

On 31.07.2008 at 15:32 pm Gamizov calling of Kostadin Sirleshtov and said his talks with Atanasova Karadimov and Stoinev, expressing doubt whether "have not given up. On the issue of human Sirleshtov (P. Sertov), which would have been the beneficiaries’ Gamizov replied that he has sent a message but no response. Sirleshtov it assures that this will not lie. On 31.07.2008 in the 15 : 38 am Dragomir Stoinev his Gamizov calling and threatening him that "things can acquire a catastrophic nature. Stoinev raises the question of whom – Rosen (Karadimov) or Petko (Sertov). for which he receives a reply that" I raised Rosen . Stoinev warned not to say names but the phone, but advising him to speak with Petko. Gamizov explains that he did not lift and will only talk to him tonight. Stoinev undertakes to connect to their "common knowledge" (Tsenka Atanasova ) or to see what his schedule (P. Sertov). On 31.07.2008 at 16:35 h Stoinev his ring and tells him that next week there will be a Council of Ministers, but Gamizov is outraged that "no does not know what’s going on – Petko not know what was happening, you do not know what’s going on? ". Stoinev assures him that it was not done, but again warned him to" not comment on it. 

On 31.07.2008 at 17:48 h Dragomir Stoinev informed him that the problem is with this administration is not submitted at the meeting of the ICJ, but takes things and next Thursday (07.08.2008 on) passes. Gamizov warns him that "if it becomes a foul, then just crash will happen anymore." Gamizov care whether he spoke with top boss, but Stoinev which nekolkokratio not repeat his comment on the phone, interrupting him again, saying: " ‘Cause now my phone is monitored – so please you!" 

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On 31.07.2008 at 21:34 h on a conversation with Vera Dimitrova Djambazova-Naidenova, owner and manager of Orange Pi Ar Ltd., on the occasion of his campaign PR-Gamizov says that "people today nashte almost hanged – Stanishev and company! " and if they are "people in Washington" who have asked him (Gamizov) to give them the last time until next Friday, in the literal sense, these guys just simply …". 

On 01.08.2008 at 00:33 h in a conversation with Gamizov Sirleshtov shared his disappointment that the proposal is not in the past MS. John remarked that "people go on vacation in Greece, they can not deal with bullshit" (refers to P. Sertov). Sirleshtov notes that "apparently the way of thinking is very different, because for some" emergency "is one for another – otherwise, for any emergency is to go on holiday and not work on Saturdays and Sundays and important move to whiskers in various forums and to laugh at the structure, where frightened mice and invite people for coffee and to manipulate him like a child. Stephen recognizes and realizes that maybe the operation in Bulgaria should be terminated and be directed to neighbors because "there is sure he has his connection there in one place, there will be drilling. Available to start this thing. "where the coming" as an operation, because today that is has never experienced it lived in my life because it is not business projects for him, this project is a value that is associated with his inner self, as he understands that life should be. Sirleshtov According to "people who”Stephen dondurka, and many who owe him, while he mocked. 

D on 01.08.2008, at 09:28 pm Tsenka Atanasova his ring and tells him that the issue he has talked with Drago (Dragomir Stoinev – Advisor to the ICJ) and Petko (Petko Sertov), it relieves that " situation is not so tragic. On 01.08.2008 at 11:55 h Stoinev Gamizov send a message: "Done!" 

04/08/2008 Pas at 15:05 pm on Dragomir Stoinev calling on Gamizov and inform him that has stuck to address on 07/08/2008. Gamizov which has received confirmation – and so I said the other man. " For the outcome of the ICJ Stoinev will inform him with a message as Gamizov the same day (Thursday, the 07.08.2008) travels to the United States. 

Gamizov actively seek opportunity to meet with Prime Minister after he failed to do so by Dragomir Stoinev, has recourse to Irena Borisova. After the meeting of the Council of Ministers on 07.08.2008, Gamizov repeated contact with her through telephone calls and messages, taking care of the reaction of the Prime Minister from his attitude and inclination to meet with him (pa on 13.08.2008). Borisova, it informs 

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"that her boss was not in the mood," undertakes to speak again and to hear later in the evening around 21.00 h (to 13.08.2008 in 13:55 h). At 21:55 pm Gamizov her ring, then it sends a message asking "not to forget it," Borisova, which tells him that the Prime Minister is not her answer. 

Besides the financial aspects of the project "GRD EU will support the mastery of SANS by structural and staffing changes of the circle and behind Gamizov Sirleshtov. The project is linked to the need for assistance from the consultants to remedy some of the leaders the specialized administration in SANS.

On 20.08.2008 Kostadin Sirleshtov informed Frank (Frank Skroski Third, related to the presented proposal in MS and U.S. firm GRD EU), that step by step with Mr. Sertov (P. Sertov), Stefan (Stefan Gamizov ) and the team have held "detailed discussions" about the procedure itself and thoroughly discussed "steps" that must be taken. Sirleshtov considered as a first step to be sent to their intentions, which will be the beginning of the official correspondence between G and S Ar SANS. Draft letter and draft presentation must be submitted informally to Mr Sertov. with whom they must meet in order for it to examine them and give them a "political comment". Sertov himself has suggested this approach at the meeting, since I wanted to be sure things are fully complying with the procedure. Also said. that after all this is done, they will receive an official response. Sertov not need any more "special witness" absolutely has agreed and approved the project. Gamizov remained very pleased, as commented on various issues, not just procedural, but political. According Gamizov. Sertov is "very practical" and look forward to meeting and working with Frank and his team. Sertov gave a "very positive signs in terms of commitment, but also in terms of support we receive, not only by the Bulgarian government, and governments of member countries of the EU. Sertov was pointed out that in recent weeks has conducted several meetings with officials from the U.S. and the EU and EU representatives in Bulgaria, shared front of him. eagerly awaiting that Frank and his team. Sirleshtov says that Sertov expressed concerns about holding a meeting with Frank in his office during his visit to Bulgaria. Pointed out that fears its own people and preferred to call a meeting place outside the agency. Sirleshtov considered 

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Their main task is it to "tread the right steps, so that there is nothing to fear. Sirleshtov stresses that it needs "good people" around him who can count. Reported that Sertov openly shared that it has begun to understand that the agency’s administration of lower-level "is not for nothing" and what is worse – they have clear evidence that there are not few people who are been used for political purposes, and other "non-professional purposes." They commented that Sertov is the man for this job and will work with him as his "help make what you need. Sirleshtov clarifies that it exactly is satisfied and Gamizov. 

Gamizov is convinced of the need for personnel changes in the SANS to eliminate holding managerial positions former employees of the NIS. Same model is explicit that the problem boils down "to several people who have absolutely samozabravili and all come from the notorious National Security Service", as "4-5 years ago we watched them from the perspective of our business." Therefore no coincidence "before time" (30.05.2008) he announced, "SANS is that mole. (28.09.2008 h 10:21, the conversation with Lily Marinkova). 

For him it is "a bunch of Idiots National Security Service headed by Ivan Drashkov. (28.09.2008 10:48 pm conversation with an unspecified woman, user of item 0884362549). Therefore Gamizov is determined to remove them from their position and to assist the recruitment of persons dependent on and linked with related structures. 

It was found that on 24.09.2008 and Sirleshtov Gamizov. had a meeting with Petko Sertov that lasted "until very late. On it is discussed that "there people around him (Sertov) roll of it on" and that "absolutely everything he had said the first day. Before he went and proved absolutely true" (conversation between Stephen and Sirleshtov Stoikov held on 26.09.2008 at 10:23 h) 

Along with the brawl with the prints and then compromising Pisanchev Director, Sirleshtov Gamizov and seek suitable candidates for his post. According to SANS Sirleshtov President Gamizov sees as "a messiah", which is probably grounds for confidence in their supply and settlement of positions in the agency. On 26.09.2008 at 11:35 am and Sirleshtov Gamizov exchanged messages candidacy for the post of Director of Security – is referred to an unidentified person Lucy "Lucy is a vacancy in my view, which emphasizes Gamizov: I know. "/ The Plan may enter them and switching to other executives. As a little later in 

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11:44 pm Gamizov sends a message: "Let’s finish things," which immediately received a response from Sirleshtov: "Yes." At 12:44 pm Sirleshtov Gamizov informed: "The delivery was carried out before at least П.С." (P. Sertov), in which Gamizov warns him not to write such things in the messages. In response sent by Sirleshtov he apologizes to Gamizov. 

Gamizov periodically given access to classified information from SANS, including against him led the development and ongoing technical events. 

Analysis of RCC indicates that at some point Gamizov was informed that he stopped and tapped to contact Tsenka Atanasova and Rosen Karadimov. Subsequently, his only contact with the project company "GRD EU are Stoinev Dragomir, in talks and cease to mention Petko (Sertov). 

In connection with the case work is required to print Gamizov item 0888807809 for the period 29.04 – 29.07.2008 From statistical analysis made it is found that during this period it has conducted 36 Gamizov contact with item 0885677604. used by Petko Sertov. Before the interview Gamizov newspaper "Trud" on 30.05.2008 between the two have held two talks and exchanged Two short text messages. Printout for the period of communication between them is bidirectional – 21 messages and 15 call, the last contact was on 07.07.2008. before you open the case, as ordered by Petko Sertov working meeting on 18.07.2008, after the start of the event during the period 30.07 – 30.09.2008 g, no listed telephone contacts with Gamizov Petko Sertov. However, in the RCC operations the pseudonym "Lawyer" in terms of Kostadin Sirleshtov, received evidence that contacts with Petko Sertov Gamizov continue but have conspiratorial nature. Request of the CPC Sirleshtov was signed on 15.08.2008 by the Deputy President of the SANS Mr. Ivan Drashkov as chairman at the time Petko Sertov is on leave. 

Gamizov receive a warning that is tapped by Haralan Alexandrov. Alexandrov informs him that his mother Bistra Nevenova Alexandrova and his father, Alexander Alexandrov Haralanov have expressed concern obtained from their known "information. They were informed that Haralan Alexandrov was tapped and monitored by the SANS. These measures were taken and compared Stefan Gamizov. According to the explanation of Haralan Alexandrov person informed the parents

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he worked in SANS (NAS). He "has made development" for which he was removed from office by Ivan Drashkov (on 03.09.2008 on at 10:30 h). 

Operation of the RCC was found Gamizov familiar with the list of symbolic figures of organized crime, subject to the development of specialized prosecutors and SANS. In this regard, especially the inclusion of a comment Hristo Kovachki in this list. Are intercepted conversations between Gamizov Sirleshtov and in which they discussed, except that Kovachki, "all will have problems. 

Available data give reason to assume that, in connection with the project and GRD EU Gamizov Sirleshtov and have pressure on Sertov and Prime Minister Stanishev, including the publication of compromising materials. 

After bringing about development Gamizov in site "Dangerous" launched a series of articles attacking employees of SANS, president, prime minister and economic structures. The first published material is in the SANS Advisor Alexey Petrov, as the finale ends with: "Expect the new sensations that will shake the country. It was found that Gamizov is in contact with the journalist Ognyan Stefanov, editor of the online edition Frog News and information on the Chairman Petko Sertov initiator of publications online "dangerous." This is confirmed by undetectable conversation with Vera Dimitrova Djambazova – Naydenova. owner and manager of Orange Pi Ar Ltd. and PR of Gamizov, which shows that Gamizov giving interviews "every day in the Frog news. After this "affair" that are "obviously some crazy fans – chalnati fans as they put it. And so, and it was the same circle and never stops to be interesting." (on 31.07.2008 at 13:56 h) in their conversations reveal Gamizov scheme of compromise of public figures – the information goes to a site and they can then cite it in conventional media. "In connection with the Council of Ministers meeting and discussion of the proposal associated with its U.S. partners to share Gamizov Vera that is waiting to see the final position of Prime Minister Stanishev, "if he does not miss the air of what must be done, sorry for him, as saying". (on 5 August, two days before a scheduled meeting on August 7 MS. Site "Dangerous" appears an article "Alexei Petrov took SANS threatens gay compromises Sergey Stanishev and Petko Sertov). 

At the same time 06.08.2008 Gamizov SANS likens to "pedophile Institute two weeks before the publication of the article on the site for" pedophile "in the SANS, which gives grounds to assume that 

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he was previously familiar with the materials out to "dangerous." (On 19.08.2008 in site "Dangerous" published material "pedophiles revealed the secret services, and Mason turns", which refers CDCOC discovered by an employee of SANS. Designate is that, despite revelations he was released is attached to a wizard, Alexey Petrov). 

On 06.08.2008 pt. after being informed by Djambazova that run against him "some controls" at 22:18 pm Gamizov calling for unspecified user item 0888166668. registered at Osteotsentar Tissue Bank Bulgaria EAD, and reported that "pedophile Institute intensive information it collects on behalf of Boyko Borisov. Non-established person expresses astonishment: "It was not until August, to go to collect data! And why do they? Once can gather them more effectively to others, which replicates Gamizov:" Well, he did not. 

During the first publications of 28.07.2008 and 29.07.2008 on Gamizov Stefanov and they have communication. After the launch of the RCC, signed on 29.07.2008, during the period 30.07 – 30.09.2008 contact with Ognyan Stefanov were discontinued, except for 03.09. and 04.09.2008. days before being shut down site "Dangerous" (5.09.2008) in result of the operation of SANS. 

The project for creating parallel mechanisms in the management and control of security forces was launched back in time in 2005 (In this connection interest is information that the first discussion draft of the creation of SANS was conducted by the rector of the World Economy Borislav Borissov , Petko Sertov, Alexey Petrov, Velizar Shalamanov and Ivo Tzanev notably in 2005) 

Operation of the RCC was found that the statements and estimates made Gamizov are part of a plan deskriditatsiya destabilization and services, political power and undermining the country and its management for the EU and the United States. In a conversation with Sirleshtov Gamizov predicts that it will pass through "one actual freezing" of our membership in EU will go "in some boza – GERD, Attack, etc., which will occur after it predicted before one year "political disaster". "Then, hopefully stronger, the time will come to Stefan (Gamizov) thing you speak of three and a half years, all elementary solutions will be rejected and will seek the general solution. According to data from their "major source" Boyko would invite the king, but for Gamizov "the king has a very reasonable figure for all" and added "Cause You’ve realized, uh. He boy’s death ‘is based in Greece whether it will touch the king? (P. Sertov) "(13.08.2008 in 23:33 h). 

Page. 15 

In one of his frequent contacts with both Alexandrov Haralan comment (on 31.07.2008 at 20:55 h) that are as striking threesome "and" damaged and placers, which have done are amazing – Parvanov is required to drive of GERD, GERD do not quarrel for Parvanov. Gamizov For Prime Minister "begins to become a man who could become the man any harm. And it’s dangerous … And in fact contribute to the processes that 
can be catastrophic’….. If this thing tomorrow (31.07.2008 – Meeting of Council of Ministers) did not happen, I think it’s disastrous action will jut now inevitable. "(30.07.2008 at 22:51 pm pt ). Alexandrov, believes that now, as asked and economic crisis, all of which are arranged at the time of launch to the paw, will prove that it is pulled Stanishkata historical luck, he passed with such neupravna faith. "( 14.08.2008. 21:51.) According to various organizations to contact Gamizov. because "they recognized the agent of change", as opposed to a leader who is simply a political project that must saportva a truly prosperous economic project , right, because the truth is that Kovachki project. Referring to suggestions from various quarters to establish a party Gamizov Alexandrov has diverted their desire "not to harass him to make a party because he (Gamizov) had much more important task .. "" that this front, which is very visible, and that Stefan (Gamizov) is clearly svrahuspeshen is actually a smaller front, and there are many other important fronts, in which Stefan Affairs (19.08.2008 on 21 : 52 h). Gamizov For it is important to "izdeyani" until November "in terms of financing and everything" and this time he will understand "izdeyani who will and who will be skarshi." He states that "people do not realized that he had scored the state in the election situation a year earlier, but to him it was his purpose .., to allow people to slowly warm to be able to filter out who is who. "His concept was" to get these people to show his kind "(19.08.2008 on 21:52 h) in the talks between both commented that if it comes to the Grand National Assembly may raise the debate about reforming the political system (probably" general solution, "commented with a Gamizov Sirleshtov) and even predict Gamizov to become" head of state. 

That Gamizov act on pre-established plan purposefully and systematically to achieve not only economic but also political objectives and are attempts to use its contacts with Brussels to form a negative attitude in the European partners on government policy. Although it maintains close relations with some of the advisers of the Prime Minister. Gamizov shares of 

Page. 16 

Alexandrov Haralan that will hold talks with the European Commission to change its attitude towards them. During talks with Alexandrov, both expressed the opinion that political office has a "need, not counseling, but of managing. In addition to forming a negative attitude towards the EU-led government policy Gamizov used his overseas trips for lobbying in favor of certain circles. At its meeting in Brussels on 18.09.2008, with the Commissioner for Energy, Stephen Gamizov discussed the establishment of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD, it is not expressed concerns about the very formation and for the staff decision to manage it (a similar position, both in terms of SANS). However, in his meeting with representatives of the Committee on EU environmental Gamizov with Kostadin Sirleshtov are lobbying for the rehabilitation of TPP "Bobov Dol", following its privatization by Hristo Kovachki. 

Inspired by what was said to be imposed here several conclusions: 

– By its actions the President has set Petko Sertov DANS hostage to corporate interests. Circle around Gamizov Sirleshtov and have access to specific information about the agency’s operational developments and has the opportunity to influence decision-making structure, personnel appointments and even the future of the SANS. This may result in the placement of Sertov some form of severe dependence; 

– The Group has around Gamizov long term to achieve certain political and economic interests, some of which is to discredit the existing time management and opposition parties and their leaders. Element of this master plan is to SANS; 

– Conducted by Stephen Gamizov the law and its links with the structures of organized crime makes it extremely dangerous plans for Bulgaria and democratic processes in the country. 

In parallel with the actions of Stephen and Kostadin Gamizov Sirleshtov the middle of July 2008 arose another violent conflict in the management of SANS. 

In a series of publications acquired the popular site "dangerous" to publish, as mentioned above, a series of articles, which export compromising materials for Prime Minister Stanishev, President of SANS Petko Sertov and employee at the agency Alexey 

Page. 17 

Petrov. It should be noted that the attack against Petrov began two days after it conducted interviews with persons suspected of having links to organized prestypnosg (Zlatomir Ivanov and Nikolay Marinov). On the other hand, as mentioned above, there is evidence that Stefan Gamizov had prior information about upcoming publications. 

Repeatedly chairman of SANS Petko Ssrtov put forward to the agency’s management and Directors exported to the site, expressing his concern. According to him, this is an attack against the government and Prime Minister Stanishev and the agency must establish who is behind the posts. His reasons are that exported contains insider information about his meetings with journalists, as well as details of the calls made by Ivanov Marinov and former employee of the Interior Alexander Petrov. In these discussions several times on various occasions expressed his subordinates of the opinion that it was not appropriate agency to deal with this issue for several main reasons: 

– It is possible that details of these meetings have become known in journalistic circles of their participants who are not employees of SANS. Proceeding from this it can be argued that there is unauthorized access to classified and even inside information; 

– Proceeding from the legal functions of SANS there is insufficient grounds for an inspection, even when publishing false information and calumniation; 

– The taking of any action will cause some form of debate that will multiply the negative impact on public authorities and in particular on the agency. 

Despite these reasons Petko Sertov assign checking Alexei Petrov, a minister in the Office of the President. It should be noted that at that time, according to the functional responsibilities of the unit, which works Petrov no operational functions and respectively no such rights (operational functions in a specialized administration SANS). Furthermore, Alexey Petrov has not passed during the mandatory training for operational staff, which is a prerequisite before any can be admitted to this kind of activity. Normative grounds, the form of verification activities carried out and results are known only to Sertov and Petrov. 
Lack of adequate knowledge and experience are reflected directly in the actions of Alexey Petrov. Its inability to properly assess and interpret information and evaluate sources of data and 

Page. 18 

circumstances associated with their acquisition that underlie the formation of unjustified claims and end result of their hasty and inadequate actions. 

In the course of inspection initially Alexey Petrov announced it will surely stand behind the posts, around a former employee of the Interior Tihomir Stoychev. In this connection he narochva a source of information from SANS, an employee whose relative is known by Stoychev. This is the only basis for the claim, but it gives reason to Petrov’s interview with that officer and to make indirect threats. 

Shortly thereafter, Alexey Petrov launched another argument that behind the site "dangerous" stand Ognyan journalist and businessman Mladen Stefanov Mutafchiyski. Operational data through August 2008 Petrov takes a massive campaign among politicians, journalists and opinion-makers to launch this version. In his talks he openly suggested that behind the attacks against him, standing vice-chairman of SANS Ivan Drashkov and the Director Vesselin Markov, since they both knew the businessman Mutafchiyski. Thesis and interconnections, which makes Petrov are as primitive as in the first version. On the other hand his actions are inexplicable and illogical for the following reasons: 

– If there are operational data, which give rise to such allegations, they are classified information and their distribution is a violation of CIPA; 

– Pre-publication version of a wide range of individuals to create prerequisites to be informed of the inspection sites, and it will prevent the proof of the allegations; 

– This type of behavior is not allowed in official SANS. Contacts with persons outside the agency but business issues, and discussion of company information is carried out in a row after such written permission. 

Proceeding from this can be reasonably assumed that the actions of Alexey Petrov rather aim to create a public perception that one party to support a pre-established belief in him and the other to form an attitude against Drashkov and Markov in certain environments, including and experts close to President Georgi Parvanov, Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev and the Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev. According to sources operating in the same period the President of the SANS Petko Sertov has conducted meetings with representatives of various political forces, in talks with them stated categorically that the check is 

Page. 19 

established ownership of Stefanov and Mutafchiyski the site "dangerous" and that Ivan Drashkov and Veselin Markov relate to scripture. 

It should be noted that until now the Vice-Presidents, Directors and Director of Security of SANS ‘are not familiar with any specific information to support those allegations. Reasonable question arises whether there is evidence to justify the thesis Petrov, on what grounds and what the specialist unit of administration were collected. 

President of the SANS Petko Sertov not ordered checks and did not require explanations of the suspects employees, which is mandatory if they have similar data. 

Alexey Petrov actions escalate into open confrontation, he makes sharp accusations, mainly to Veselin Markov, and on 07.08.2008, has even opened his direct threats transmitted through their mutual friend. For the case are informed orally Petko Sertov President (at that time was on leave), the chief prosecutor Boris Velchev and Vice-President of SANS Ivan Drashkov. 

On 18.08.2008 on Sertov arrange a meeting, attended by Directors and Nikolai Metodiev Tsvetlin Yovchev (Drashkov and Markov are on leave). Alexey Petrov mentioned above common acquaintance. Improvised confront the person is invited to share information on cases in their possession. The conversation it becomes clear that, immediately prior to the meeting he held conversation with Alexey Petrov, during which both found that probably have not understood and is a mistake. In his own words Petrov is convinced him that actually made the threat to Markov, but to Tihomir Stoychev. Throughout the meeting Petrov and the person are extremely nervous. 

Proceeding from the above, organized confrontation is rather farcical, which aims to protect Alexey Petrov front part of the senior staff, rather than clarify the truth of the case. Otherwise, the conversation with a Bulgarian citizen designated as a witness to the threat must be conducted without the presence of Petrov. Moreover, should not allow the officer of SANS to talk to him before the meeting, as this is a direct opportunity to influence its behavior. Is completely unnecessary and the presence of major directors, such as calls rather aims to shape their position and build a defensive argument for Petrov. Even be considered a true version of Alexey Petrov, this in lesser extent, alter the assessment of what happened. He made the threat to whether or Markov Stoychev, which is unacceptable for an employee of SANS and compared it is necessary to take stringent administrative sanctions. And no such action so far. 

It should be noted that the operational data sources in this period, Petrov has not made repeated threats and to journalists. After publication in the newspaper "24 hours" in a conversation with the chief editor Venelina Gocheva, he was asked to shut down the negative articles on this topic, failing which explained that Gocheva will be loaded in the trunk of a car and will be spending near Vitosha (similar to the threat and the officer of the SANS). After publication in the newspaper "Weekend", borrowed in part from information in the site "dangerous", Petrov held a conversation with a journalist Dimitar Zlatkov as he explained that, unless terminated by negative posts about him, he filleted his wife (then Edition published several materials praising Alexey Petrov). A similar call was conducted and the owner of this site Affair BG Veselin Danov. As a result, immediately suspend Reproduction of material from the site "unsafe" that contain negative information about Petrov, and praised him personally Danov in several materials, including reference to the words of his late father, former Interior Minister Hristo Danov. After the arrest of Veselin Danov by police, he was told the Ministry of Interior officials that work for SANS. Petko Sertov reaction when you informed of this is that the police had to agree before surgery, not afterwards. 

All these signals are verbally reported to the President of the SANS in order to protect the good name and reputation of the agency. Response in all cases is that it can not be true, in which case closed. Failure of management attitude by Petko Sertov and indirect support, which is a Petrov received a strong incentive for its conduct in this direction. Once again it should be noted that he has no operational responsibility, and it is not clear as to what conduct such meetings and conversations. 

On 21.08.2008, the President of the SANS notified by phone and Ivan Drashkov Tsvetlin Jovtchev that the site "dangerous" and is broken down categorically by technical means has been found that it stands behind the journalist Ognyan Stefanov. It should be noted that so far none of the Vice-Presidents and the Director has not seen data from the technical means to confirm this. 


The next day the businessman Mutafchiyski connect the phone with Ivan Drashkov, in his capacity as Vice-President of SANS and the stagy very sharp reproaches addressed to the agency. In conversation he claims that his Alexey Petrov is allowed to make direct threats to the journalist Ognyan Stefanov and his son. Threatening to refer the matter to a foreign official agencies and the European Commission (subsequently in order to check dosgyp unauthorized access to classified information to confirm the fact that there was a connection with Petrov Stefanov). Mutafchiyski insisted that he be given a phone number to contact the President of the SANS Petko Sertov that Drashkov depart. The case was immediately informed Sertov as it is proposed to connect to Mutafchiyski to soothe him and to protect the agency from a public scandal. Petko Sertov reaction is towards that since I have written things in the site can not complain. 

In addition to inadequate response to the President of the SANS, causing surprise and held a conversation with Petrov Stefanov. It’s not clear whose order and in what capacity Alexey Petrov has done it. 
As a result of those events a little later the next day was associated with Petrov Drashkov, it threatens to make what would have consequences. 

All these actions lead to an escalation of tension in the direction of SANS. Repeatedly in conversations with the President Petko Sertov, vice-president and chief Ivan Drashkov Director Vesselin Markov was offered if there is any evidence of allegations of Petrov to examination of the prosecution initiated by requiring him to influence the latter to to stay open to attacks and threats. 

The reaction of Sertov is inadequate to say again towards talking with him, to understand. Entirely unexplainable is the lack of response and management decisions in any direction. 

Parallel to this scandal and other processes are underway which variously show not only the reluctance of Sertov to resolve the problem, but also give rise to claims that he is looking for an exacerbation. 

Despite the best estimate at the last inspection of the representatives of the European Commission on the activities of SANS in June, especially for combating organized crime and corruption, the Chairman Petko Sertov not encourage entities to act in the same direction. Inexplicable why, as a person who will coordinate the interaction of SANS with the Interior Ministry and prosecutors indicated Alexey 

Page. 22 

Petrov. In the creation of joint working groups between the three institutions, representatives of the Agency are set Petrov and recently received by the former employee CDCOC Evgeni Kostov. Practical process are removed, the Director Vesselin Markov and the Director of Directorate "Combating Organized Crime transtranichnata Krasimir Hristov. As a result, employees contributed to the best estimate of the EC were isolated from the process and in its place is inexplicable why put Petrov. 

Furthermore, Alexey Petrov began to put direct tasks to staff from SANS without the knowledge of their superiors, which are in hierarchical relationship. "Moreover, in many cases it organizes meetings with them to the pool" Spartacus ". In conversation repeatedly shared that Markov will be released soon and a decision is taken by the Chairman Sertov. All these actions give rise to confusion and uncertainty among employees of the agency. and in some cases and open resentment. 

It should be noted that until now Petko Sertov not expressed in any way to Veselin Markov criticism of his professional activity. 

In mid-September 2008 against Veselin Markov personal SANS received in two almost identical signal of wrongdoing. One is the MP Volen Siderov. and the other by Konstantin Spasov – a former employee of the NAS-MIA working in IC "Lev Ins" (owned by Alexey Petrov). Subsequently found that the information was provided to MP by Alexei Petrov Siderov by Slavi Binev. Petrov, with whom he maintained close relations. The fact that in both cases there is reasonable suspicion that Petrov is the behind the signals communicated to the Chairman Petko Sertov. In a conversation with him, Veselin Markov contradicted by facts (including documents) allegations that Sertov adopted. However, he issued an order of the General Inspectorate to investigate the case. Even before the investigation was begun by letter Sertov refer to the prosecution and the resulting signal. 

Petko Sertov actions are highly overexpose because it is normal to wait for the results of internal testing prior to inform the prosecution (that is enshrined in PPZDAPS). Interest is the fact that significantly more serious signals that they have done for Alexei Petrov is not ordered, any check, which indicates that Sertov not only take action to quell the conflict, but also takes a certain part in it 

Page. 23 


Developments described above raises conflict several strongly negative effect in the activity of SANS: 

– Tension in the direction of the agency due to open hostilities by Alexei Petrov and indirect support he receives from the Chairman Petko Sertov; 

– The creation of parallel governance mechanisms leads to confusion, discouragement and crisis in confidence of staff to the agency’s management; 

– Decreasing the rate in the operation and its results respectively. 

Have repeatedly held talks by leading officials in the agency with the Chairman Petko Sertov. within which they have expressed their concerns. Including, the Director-General 19.08,2008 Tsvetlin Jovtchev propose to the President to take extreme action against Alexey Petrov, in order to stop negative practices. It should be noted that details of that conversation were made available to MP Tatyana Doncheva almost immediately. She has held a conversation commented and expressed a negative attitude towards Jovtchev, including to his colleagues in parliament, and added that only Alexei Petrov them clear them from the agency (can only suggest what are the others). Another interesting point is that the former employee of the Interior Tsvyatko Tsvetkov was informed of the attack against Veselin Petrov Alexei Markov in advance and comment on this press attaché with the agency Zoya Dimitrova. Both, Tsvetkov and Doncheva are very close to the President Petko Sertov. 

It should be noted that Tsvyatko Tsvetkov and Tatyana Doncheva are the only politicians who openly and categorically declared themselves in favor of Alexei Petrov scandal after the beating of the journalist Ognyan Stefanov. These facts complementary relationship with third scandal in SANS, began in late August. 

Proceeding from what has been said so far, the scandal of members’ prints can be seen as a natural extension of the attack against part of the agency’s management. 
On 21.08.2008, the late afternoon, the President of SANS Petko Sertov consistently connects the phone with Ivan Drashkov and Tsvetlin Jovtchev, announcing that it has successfully drilled the website "Dangerous" ‘and has firmly established that it stands behind the journalist Ognyan and businessman Mladen Mutafchiyski. On 25.08.2008, in conversation with Jovtchev he once again said that the publications in this site are intended attack 


Page. 24 

Government and the Prime Minister as well as fears that the publications contained inside information from the SANS and the elements of classified information. Sertov is of the opinion that the remaining work should remain in the background and priority and then by all means must be established how this information is in the fall Ognyan Stefanov. He says that the journalist apparently has an internal source, as is implied suspicions to the Director General of DG IFS Veselin Markov, arguing that he knows with Mutafchiyski and had access to part of the exported data (this version is actively supported by employee in the office of President Alexey Petrov). The next day, again at the initiative of Sertov conversation continues, they have discussed different versions of unauthorized access to classified information. In the course of the discussions are considered the facts that the journalist is familiar with Stefanov MP Tatyana Doncheva, and that it has maintained contacts with many leaders of the agency having access to parts exported from inside information, including press attaché Zoya Dimitrova. Examined is the version that publications can seek conflict in the leadership of SANS. as in the context of this and referred to above solution between Jovtchev Doncheva and in early June. Discussed is the opportunity to stand behind the publications group – said by Doncheva team to pursue economic or political interests. In this respect not comment on the possible involvement of MPs Rumen Ovcharov as Sertov expressed the opinion that he is familiar with Doncheva and has a motive to attack President Parvanov and Prime Stapishev, given the forthcoming congress of the BSP. Subsequently, this version is completely refuted. As a result of the conversation, ordered the Sertov Jovtchev to transmit to the Director of Security of SANS Vladimir Pisanchev to launch an urgent check whether Ovcharov Doncheva and relate to the removal of inside information by SANS to journalist Ognyan Stefanov. It also requires him to help Pisanchev in this investigation as to present his directorate did not have enough resources. On 27/08/2008 so he confirms his order to Pisanchev. 

Findings are reported daily by the middle of September is now established as follows: 

– Journalist Ognyan Stefanov, for a period of three months, has 63 connections to Tatyana Doncheva and 4 former Secretary of the Interior Tsvyatko Tsvetkov (possibly considerably more, as the printout of Stefanov talks for technical reasons were noted only outgoing calls ). Immediately after the conversation between him and 

Page. 25 

officer of SANS Alexey Petrov, who Stefanov perceived as threatening, the journalist conducted a series of telephone conversations, including with his lawyer Ina Lulcheva, Tsvyatko Tsvetkov and Tatyana Doncheva as Doncheva conversation lasts almost 19 minutes: 

– Tatyana Doncheva for the above period, held numerous discussions with staff at the SANS (including the Chairman Petko Sertov) who are aware of the fragments removed from the site data. Among them has 25 connections to press attaché Zoya Dimitrova (part of the reasons for the formation of Sertov examination has published information about his meetings with journalists, which is Dimitrova attended): 

– MP Doncheva for three months was carried 110 conversation with former Director of the NAS-MIA Ivan Chobanov and former director of the Office for HR and VKR "Orlin Ivanov. In turn is connected Chobanov 217 times with officials from the SANS (about 60 working days), and Ivanov – 26 times; 

– Former Secretary of the Interior Tsvetkov purposefully maintain and develop relationships with current and former employees of SANS. including the President of the SANS Petko Sertov and press attaché Zoya Dimitrova; 

– Stefan Gamizov businessman has 9 connections to Ognyan Stefanov for that period. 

Data are reported to the President of the SANS Petko Sertov, he is informed of the upcoming action on the check. One of the upcoming events planned at the moment is referred to determine whether there is a chronological relationship between publications and established connections. 

On 25.09.2008 in the morning block of Nova Television "- the show" live Koritarov "businessman Mladen Mutafchiyski export information indicating that Tatyana Doncheva has been close to journalist Ognyan Stefanov and his two exchanged information, which supports the results of verification. 

According to data from this source to operative period Sertov informed Tatyana Doncheva and Ivan Chobanov that they wanted prints of their mobile phones. With Chobanov meeting was held in the building of SANS and Doncheva notified by Alexei Petrov. Sertov before both were justified, that has nothing to do with it, he passed the responsibility on his deputy, Ivan Drashkov (in this period has benefited Drashkov leave). According to information from the same source it is proposed to Chobanov arrange a meeting with Prime Prime Stanishev, on which it proposed as a suitable candidate to replace Drashkov. Then it is 

Page. 26 

achieved and Ivan Chobanov arrangement to organize a press conference to disclose that the officials have tapped SANS deputies then Doncheva cause inspection in the Committee on "Internal Security and Public Order of the parliament. Chobanov subsequently refused and was forced to Doncheva staged productions in the Ministry. 

In the period until the outbreak of the scandal Tatyana Doncheva held several meetings with politicians and public, actively persuade them that it is necessary Ivan Drashkov be removed from SANS. 

On 24.08.2008 after a long conversation with Tsvyatko Tsvetkov, President of the SANS provides immediate generation of verification in the Directorate for Security of SANS. There is no concrete reasons and what to check. 

Interest are the facts that during his visit to the Ministry of Interior is Tatyana Doncheva specify the number of premises who wishes to attend (console, which can be checked to the mobile phone is interested), was information available about the number of letter which claimed a printout of her phone, and what are the other phones in the request. 

After the scandal provoked by Doncheva that mobile phones to members is interested by the SANS. interest are a few facts: 

– Visit the Home Office is just cause for the legalization of information it knows in advance; 

– Tatyana Doncheva behavior shows that she solicited a scandal, rather than verification (statements to the media before the internal investigation committee); 

– Doncheva of media appearances in advance towards manipulation of public opinion, which would prejudge the outcome of the investigation. It is hard to suggest that the SANS group that performs eavesdropping lawmakers political orders. 

– From his first statements she stresses that Petko Sertov has nothing to do with it, without formally received any information on the case.

The day before the hearing of Petko Sertov before a parliamentary committee on "Internal Security and Public Order", the press center of SANS deliver a message that after checking has been removed from office the Director of Security of SANS Vladimir Pisanchev and that it is gone on leave. It should be noted that at that time, the search has begun. Pisanchev is not resolved and is not on leave.


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