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At Balkanleaks we take your privacy and anonymity very seriously. We don’t want to know who you are. Actually we don’t have the technical possibility to know anything about you. But also, we don’t want to leave a chance to powerful people, who can manage to observe the network or even to seize our hardware, to guess who you are.

1. The submissions are accepted only through a hidden TOR server with a pseudomain hosted on a separate machine. TOR apart, there are no public services running on this machine and we did our best to secure it from possible intrusion. 

2. The files you are submitting are uploaded to an encrypted partition and are immediately encrypted. Even if our server is confiscated, the data will be secured.

3. The decryption keys are provided only to our trusted media partners, who are allowed to download and examine the files.They download the files from a separate machine, not from the one running the submission TOR server.

4. We don’t keep logs of uploading and downloading processes.

5. The files are parsed and any personal data pointing to a possible source is eliminated before publishing. Sometimes people submit files containing hidden info about their computer or their identity (Word or PDF files metadate or pictures EXIF data, for example). We check the files for such a data and we clean it before publishing.

Remember: TOR protects your anonymity but it’s not a magic, 100% bullet proof tool. Let’s say it protects you up to 80%. Take care to protect yourself further. Do not use your home or work internet connection. Find a free wi-fi point and use it the time to send the files. 


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