Published by Wikileaks & Bivol.bg
 date: 1/6/2010 14:03 refid: 10SKOPJE9 origin: Embassy Skopje classification: UNCLASSIFIED destination:  header: VZCZCXYZ0001 PP RUEHWEB  DE RUEHSQ #0009/01 0061403 ZNR UUUUU ZZH P 061403Z JAN 10 FM AMEMBASSY SKOPJE TO RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHDC PRIORITY 8803 INFO RHMFISS/HQ USEUCOM VAIHINGEN GE RUEKJCS/JOINT STAFF WASHINGTON DC RUEHNO/USMISSION USNATO 3779 RUEAIIA/CIA WASHINGTON DC RUEKJCS/SECDEF WASHINGTON DC RUEKDIA/DIA WASHINGTON DC  UNCLAS SKOPJE 000009    SIPDIS    EUR/SCE    E.O. 12958: N/A  TAGS: MASS, MARR, MCAP, MOPS, NATO, MK  SUBJECT: MACEDONIA: COUNTRY TEAM ASSESSMENT FOR PROCURMENT  OF NVDS AND CLOSE COMBAT OPTICAL DEVICES    1. (Summary) The following country team assessment (CTA) is  provided, IAW Ref A, Chapter 5, on behalf of the Ministry of  Defense of Macedonia.  This assessment covers the following  military electronics as designated in the U.S. Munitions  List, Category XII: Fire control, range finder, optical and  guidance and control equipment.  More specifically, this  request covers the following Items:    Night vision devices - PVS-17A - 80  Close combat optical sight - M68- 80    (End Summary)    2. The reason the nation desires the articles or services.    The procurement of these devices will greatly enhance the  capabilities of Macedonian armed forces (ARM) deployed in  support of the Vermont National Guard-led, Macedonian  "Embedded Operational and Mentor Liaison Team8 (OMLT) in  Afghanistan.  These devices will directly contribute to the  ARM ability to operate with U.S. forces and NATO allies  supporting the International Security Force Afghanistan  (ISAF) as well as any future operations.    3. How the articles or services would affect the recipient's  force structure.    These devices will have no impact on ARM force structure.    4. How the articles or services would contribute to both the  U.S. and the recipient's defense/security goals.    These devices will enhance the ARM ability to conduct night  operations and to identify other friendly U.S. and NATO  forces.    5. The anticipated reaction of neighboring nations.    Macedonia already possesses these capabilities. Moreover  these devices are to support ARM operations in Afghanistan.  Post does not foresee an adverse reaction by neighboring  nations.    6. Assess the nation's ability to safeguard, operate,  maintain, and support the articles.    Macedonia already possesses generation III NVDs and has  clearly demonstrated that it maintains the required security  level and accountability procedures for these and other  similar devices.    7. Training required either in-country or in the U.S. and the  possible impact of any in-country U.S. presence that might be  required as a result of providing the article.    Considering the total-package approach which has been  requested, training will be included and should not involve  more than 2-3 persons in country more than 10 days.    8. Possible impact of any in-country U.S. presence that might  be required as a result of providing the articles.    None.  U.S. personnel regularly conduct training events in  Macedonia.    9. Source of financing and the economic impact of the  proposed acquisition.    None.  U.S. FY10 NDAA section 1206 authority will fund the  acquisition.  Country team does not anticipate any adverse  economic impact.    10. Human rights considerations relevant to the proposed  acquisition.    None.  There are no human rights considerations that bear on  this acquisition.    11. End-use monitoring (EUM) for sensitive and advanced  warfighting technology and the SCO's plan for compliance  verification.    Macedonia already possesses generation III devices.  These  items will be added to our current EUM execution plan.      12. Recommendation whether the USG should approve transfer of  the article and justification.    Post strongly recommends immediate approval of this request  for the procurement of these NVDs. These articles will  enhance the combat effectiveness of troops deploying to  support Macedonia's Embedded OMLT in support of ISAF. These  devices will directly contribute to the readiness level of  the Macedonian armed forces and its interoperability with  U.S. and NATO Forces. Agreeing to this request will also  reinforce the strong bilateral relationship between our  nations and strengthen Macedonian resolve to continue its  support to ISAF and future coalition operations.    13. POC at USEMBASSY SKOPJE is XXXXXXXXXXXX NAVRATIL 

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