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 date: 12/17/2009 22:31 refid: 09STATE129193 origin: Secretary of State classification: CONFIDENTIAL//NOFORN destination:  header: VZCZCXRO9588 PP RUEHLA DE RUEHC #9193/01 3512233 ZNY CCCCC ZZH P 172231Z DEC 09 FM SECSTATE WASHDC TO RUEHMD/AMEMBASSY MADRID PRIORITY 3453 INFO RUEHBW/AMEMBASSY BELGRADE PRIORITY 1024 RUEHPS/AMEMBASSY PRISTINA PRIORITY 6905 RUEHVJ/AMEMBASSY SARAJEVO PRIORITY 2768 RUEHSQ/AMEMBASSY SKOPJE PRIORITY 7911 RUEHVB/AMEMBASSY ZAGREB PRIORITY 3634 RUEHLA/AMCONSUL BARCELONA PRIORITY 2784 RUEHBS/USEU BRUSSELS PRIORITY RUEHNO/USMISSION USNATO PRIORITY 6221  ----------------- header ends ----------------  C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 STATE 129193    NOFORN  SIPDIS    E.O. 12958: DECL: 12/17/2019  TAGS: OVIP(STEINBERG, JAMES), PNAT, PREL, KDEM, ZL, HR, BK, KVPR, MK,  YI, SP  SUBJECT: (U) DEPUTY SECRETARY STEINBERG'S DECEMBER 14,  2009 MEETING WITH SPANISH FOREIGN MINISTER MORATINOS     1. Classified by EUR Assistant Secretary Philip H. Gordon.  For Reasons: 1.4 (b) and (d)    2.  (U) December 14, 2009; 11:00am; Washington, DC.    3.  (U) Participants:    U.S.  Deputy Secretary Steinberg  EUR DAS Stuart Jones  D Staff Alexandra McKnight  Stacie Zerdecki (EUR Notetaker)    Spain  Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos  Director General for EU Affairs Miguel Angel Navarro  Director General for North America and non-EU Europe  Fernandez de la Pena  Ambassador Jorge Dezcallar  Deputy Press Director Aranzazu Banon      4.  (C) SUMMARY.  FM Moratinos requested the meeting with  Deputy Secretary Steinberg to discuss the situation in the  Western Balkans.  He confirmed Spain,s support of the Butmir  process and asked for a U.S. blessing on an early-February  proposed gathering in Madrid of Bosnian and regional leaders.   Moratinos also commented on Spain,s role as EU President in  the first half of 2010 during a transition to a new framework  for the EU under the Lisbon Treaty.  He noted that he  expected to work well with High Representative Ashton and  that Spain would take a non-obstructionist stance on Kosovo  during its Presidency.  The Deputy Secretary stressed the  importance of the Bosnian parties negotiating in Sarajevo and  U.S. commitment to Serbian integration into Euro-Atlantic  structures.  END SUMMARY.    -------  Bosnia  -------    5.  (C) FM Moratinos opened the meeting with an overview of  his perspective of the Western Balkans.  With regards to  Bosnia and Herzegovina, he indicated that Spain wants to  follow up on the Butmir process and promised to coordinate  closely with the United States.  He also noted his plans to  convene a meeting among Bosnian and regional leaders in  Madrid in early February to bring them to an agreement on  needed reforms.  On Bosnia and broader foreign policy issues,  Moratinos noted he had had a &very positive8 meeting on  12/3 with EU High Representative Ashton and believes the two  will work productively together during Spain,s 2010 EU  Presidency.  He commented that Ashton is &clever enough to  trust me and my team.8    6.  (C) Moratinos asked for U.S. blessing of his plan for a  one-week retreat for Bosnian leaders in Madrid in early  February.  The Deputy Secretary suggested it would be more  productive for Bosnian leaders to negotiate a resolution in  Sarajevo.  Bringing politicians far from their electorate  could cause them to be overly cautious.  The Deputy Secretary  also cautioned that the parties were still pretty far apart  in their positions on the Butmir texts and pushing them  together prematurely risked highlighting their differences.  He urged Moratinos to ensure that the parties could indeed  reach agreement before he convened the meeting.  A large high  profile meeting outside the region which failed risks  undermining reform in general.  If the parties cannot agree  on the current texts early in 2010 it would be better to  leave a solid package on the table with which they can  restart after the October elections.  The Deputy Secretary  explained that there are three leaders who have not accepted  the currents texts:  Haris Silajdzic, Milorad Dodik and  Zlatko Lagumdzija.  It is unlikely that Silajdzic would agree  to any text;  Dodik has made noises about wanting to reach  agreement but has not engaged on specifics.  Lagumdzija has  fully rejected the package. The Deputy Secretary urged  Moratinos to try to persuade   Lagumdzija to adopt a more    STATE 00129193  002 OF 002    SUBJECT: (U) DEPUTY SECRETARY STEINBERG'S DECEMBER 14,  2009 MEETING WITH SPANISH FOREIGN MINISTER MORATIN  constructive posture towards the process ) the sooner the  better.  Moratinos agreed to follow up with Lagumdzija  immediately.   He asked the Deputy Secretary to send his  Bosnia experts to Madrid early in the New Year being our  collaboration.    ----------  Macedonia  ----------    7.  (C) During a recent meeting between FM Moratinos and  Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, Papandreou indicated  that he was ready to move forward on the name issue with  Macedonia.  The Deputy Secretary noted that he had heard  similar reports and that PM Papandreou needs to act quickly.  He also suggested that Greek PM Papandreou and Macedonian PM  Gruevski should deal with one another directly; an  interlocutor would not be useful.  He hoped that each side  would gain confidence in the situation as small steps are  made.  The Deputy Secretary underscored that the EU will need  to stand firm behind whatever decision is made on the name  issue.    ------  Kosovo  ------    8.  (C) The Deputy Secretary made clear that there is no  going back on Kosovar independence.  Moratinos assured the  Deputy Secretary that Spain would not take an obstructionist  position on Kosovo during its EU Presidency in 2010.  Moratinos is cognizant that the majority of EU member states  have recognized  independence, and promised  that Spain will  represent the Union as a whole.  Moratinos underscored that  he wants Kosovo to be a pro-Western ally.    --------  Croatia  --------    9.  (C) Moratinos stated that during Spain,s EU Presidency,  he expects an institutional push for negotiations with  Croatia to join the European Union and a final offer of  membership.  He also recommends that Croatia be held up as a  success story for other Western Balkan countries to use as a  model for progress, perhaps at a high-level meeting of Balkan  leaders in May to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the  Zagreb conference (which confirmed the EU,s commitment to  the integration of the Western Balkans into the EU.)  CLINTON 

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