Published by Wikileaks & Bivol.bg
 date: 12/17/2009 10:08 refid: 09ANKARA1794 origin: Embassy Ankara classification: UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY destination:  header: VZCZCXYZ0009 OO RUEHWEB  DE RUEHAK #1794 3511008 ZNR UUUUU ZZH O 171008Z DEC 09 FM AMEMBASSY ANKARA TO RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHDC IMMEDIATE 1500 RUEHSF/AMEMBASSY SOFIA IMMEDIATE 1300 RUEHSQ/AMEMBASSY SKOPJE IMMEDIATE 0389 RUEHTI/AMEMBASSY TIRANA IMMEDIATE 0281 RUEHTH/AMEMBASSY ATHENS IMMEDIATE 0198 INFO RHMCSUU/FBI WASHINGTON DC PRIORITY RUEAWJA/DEPT OF JUSTICE WASHDC PRIORITY RHMFIUU/DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY WASHINGTON DC RHEFDIA/DIA WASHDC RUEAIIA/CIA WASHDC   UNCLAS ANKARA 001794    SENSITIVE  SIPDIS    JUSTICE FOR OPDAT    E.O. 12958:  N/A  TAGS: PTER, SNAR, AL, BU, GR, MK, TU  SUBJECT:  EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN COUNTERTERRORISM TRAINING WORKSHOP,  FEBRUARY 10-12, 2010    1. (SBU) SUMMARY AND ACTION REQUEST.  Embassy Ankara will host a  three-day regional counterterrorism workshop for law enforcement  officials and prosecutors from Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania  and Greece, February 10-12, 2010.  Embassy Ankara requests  assistance from addressee embassies to ensure appropriate  participation in the event.  See para 6.  END SUMMARY AND ACTION  REQUEST.    2.  (SBU) The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of  Prosecutorial Development, Assistance, and Training (OPDAT) and  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),the DOJ International Criminal  Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), Department of  State S/CT, and the NATO Center of Excellence are sponsoring a  series of regional training workshops focusing on counterterrorism  and border security beginning in February 2010 for law enforcement  officials and prosecutors from Eastern Mediterranean countries.  The  first three-day regional workshop is scheduled for February 10-12,  2010, in Ankara, Turkey.  The countries invited to the February  event are: Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, and the  United States.    3.  (SBU) The February session is expected to be the first in a  series of similar regional workshops for the same five Eastern  Mediterranean countries.  Subsequent sessions will address related  issues.  Ideally, the participants of the February session will also  attend subsequent sessions.    4. (SBU) Separately invited speakers will give presentations and  lead discussions on sub-topics related to: trends in terrorism,  cross-border cooperation, biometric crime-fighting tools, terrorist  financing, and document fraud.  The conference will be designed so  that the participating countries can share their own best practices,  discuss how they share information with other countries, and offer  ideas on ways to improve cross-border cooperation and information  sharing, particularly in terrorism cases.  The workshop is intended  to provide an opportunity for countries in attendance to develop  stronger crime-fighting relationships, build partnerships, and learn  from one another's best practices.    Logistics  ---------    5.  (SBU) Each invited country is asked to send up to ten  prosecutors and law enforcement officers (preferably in equal  numbers) with experience in the fields of counterterrorism and  border security.  Participants will be expected to give short  presentations on the topics set forth in para 4, as relevant to  their country.  English speakers are preferred, but interpretation  services will also be provided.  Airfare and lodging will be  provided by conference sponsors.  Participants will stay at the  Ankara Sheraton Hotel, which is also the workshop venue.  POC for  the event is Embassy Ankara Resident Legal Advisor Mike Lang  langmj@state.gov.  Tel:  90-312-457-7272.    6.  (SBU) ACTION REQUEST.  Embassy Ankara requests that embassies in  Sofia, Skopje, Tirana and Athens reach out to Justice Ministries and  law enforcement agencies in their host countries to convey the  invitation contained in this message.  Please ask that the names and  CVs of candidates be provided to Ankara POC by January 10, 2010. 

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