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 date: 7/15/2009 14:17 refid: 09SOFIA389 origin: Embassy Sofia classification: CONFIDENTIAL destination:  header: VZCZCXRO7984 OO RUEHDBU RUEHFL RUEHKW RUEHLA RUEHNP RUEHROV RUEHSL RUEHSR DE RUEHSF #0389 1961417 ZNY CCCCC ZZH O 151417Z JUL 09 FM AMEMBASSY SOFIA TO RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHDC IMMEDIATE 6184 INFO RUEHZL/EUROPEAN POLITICAL COLLECTIVE RUEAWJA/DEPT OF JUSTICE WASHINGTON DC  C O N F I D E N T I A L SOFIA 000389    SIPDIS    PASS TO EUR/NCE, INL/AAE    E.O. 12958: DECL: 07/14/2019  TAGS: PGOV, BU  SUBJECT: BULGARIA: CLEANING UP MOI    Classified By: Ambassador Nancy McEldowney for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d)    1.  (C)  Summary:  Interior Minister designate Tsvetan  Tsvetanov told Ambassador he wanted to bring major changes to  the MOI and criminal justice system and welcomed American  assistance and advice.  He is determined to show progress on  corruption issues within the first few months of the new  government and thus to establish credibility both  domestically and with Bulgaria's international partners.  He  and the Ambassador discussed ideas for reforms and the  Ambassador handed him a report prepared by DOJ experts last  year but never acted on.  Tsvetanov has a track record as an  honest cop; if his openness and enthusiasm to work with us is  matched with effective reform of the bloated and tainted  Ministry, there may be a chance to make real progress.  End  Summary.    2.  (C)  On July 13 GERB party chairman and Interior Minister  designate told the Ambassador that the incoming GERB  government is planning major reforms at the MOI and in the  criminal justice system and welcomes any U.S. assistance.  He  recalled good cooperation with American law enforcement when  he worked at the MOI as a subordinate to incoming PM Boyko  Borissov and, referring to himself, said there is "no one  more pro-U.S."  He noted that the outgoing government had  sidelined good officers who had trained with Americans, but  the GERB government will move them up to responsible  positions.    3.  (C)  Tsvetanov said the GERB government would undo some  of the law enforcement missteps taken by the outgoing  government.  He focused on the need to de-politicize DANS  (National Intelligence Agency) and return it to its intended  intelligence role.  He pointed particularly to problems with  special advisor Alexei Petrov, who is "a very dangerous man."   (Comment: Petrov's known criminal connections made his role  in DANS highly controversial.  End comment.)  He pledged that  DANS would again be a reliable partner for the US.  A well  regarded former DANS Officer, Tsvetan Yochev, is being  considered to replace current DANS Chief Petko Sertov.  Tsvetanov emphasized all changes would be made in  consultation with American and European partners.    4.  (C)  Tsvetanov said the new government planned to show  results within six months.  Ambassador noted the public would  be looking for clear steps in first 100 days.  She urged him  to move quickly but also correctly so as not to appear  partisan.  A good start would be to deal with people who  embezzled EU money.  Bringing them to justice, after so many  years of impunity, would have broader positive ramifications  throughout the country and in Bulgaria's relations with the  EU.    5.  (C)  The Ambassador gave Tsvetanov a paper with findings  and suggestions from DOJ consultations with the MOI last  year.  The outgoing government never acted on them.  Tsvetanov said he would consider the recommendations  seriously.  On the suggestion for an organized crime strike  force, Tsvetanov noted GERB had similar ideas.  The new  government was also considering establishing a panel of  special prosecutors to handle serious corruption cases, and  he was interested in the proposal, being prepared by our  USDOJ advisor, to establish a special panel of judges for  such cases.  The Ambassador said we could provide a senior  judge as an advisor to the panel; Tsvetanov welcomed the  idea.  She also noted the FBI official in charge of  cooperation with Europe would be in Bulgaria in early August  and could discuss training and other programs.    6.  (C)  Comment:  We had an excellent relationship with  Tsvetanov during his previous stint in the MOI.  He was both  eager to cooperate and effective in getting things done.  He  appears serious about reform and acknowledges the herculean  task in front of him.  His return to the MOI creates the  basis for reform to finally begin.  End comment.  McEldowney  

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