Бойко Борисов – голям брат в немско разследване/Bulgarian PM Borissov – big brother in a german probe


German Probe: Bulgariа’s Borisov Was Criminal’s ‘Big Brother’

In 2006, a Court in the German city of Munich has sentenced 11 individuals to a total of 65 years forheroin trafficking. The ringleader of the organized crime group is identified as Alexander Alexandrov from Vladaya, near the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The Bavarian investigation has proven that Alexandrov has organized and managed a channel that trafficked 2 tons of heroin from Turkey through Bulgaria to Europe between 1998 and 2004.

Two months before this arrest, in October 2004, the Bavarian Customs investigation has interrogated one of the suspects, Bulgarian national Slavcho Georgiev, AKA Paluh, who has been one of the couriers of the gang. In the protocol from the interrogation the following statement of Paluh has been recorded:

“Today I want to say something about Sacho, his real name is Alexandrov. When, once in a while, I was meeting Sasho, on some occasions he was telling me that he could not talk to me at the moment because he was in the company of a prosecutor, a Customs boss, or another senior official. Such people visited Sasho’s home often. Once, he did not let me inside his home because he had a visit from some Customs boss. I was sent away at the entrance, where a security camera was mounted. Sashotold me on the intercom that he had no time for me since he was with important people. Sasho also was often saying that he had been meeting with the Big Brother, meaning Bulgaria’s Interior Minister, Borisov, Boyko. They also call him The General because this is his official rank. He also told me literarily that this was the Interior Minister of Bulgaria.” (End quote)



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